Structure of ZNTC

KovalevAnatoly – CEO of ZNTC

PhD, MBA. Before assignment of the CEO at ZNTC he was the deputy director of Zelenograd Innovation and Technology Center. Managed Special economic Zone “Zelenograd”. Graduated MIET, specialized in Microelectronics and solid-state electronics.

Departments of ZNTC

Project office

Department of VLSI design

Scientific and technological center of Nano- and microsystem technology

R&D laboratory

Laboratory of device control

Technological department

R&D department of intellectual systems of navigation and control

Innovation center

Investment analysis department

Department of business-incubation and start-up support

Department of technical and economical expertise of projects

Department of collaboration with investors

Sales department

Marketing and advertisement department

International relations department

Sales support department

Financial and economical department

Department of control

Project palling and financing department

Labor department

Legal department

Patent and license department

Technological center

QC department

Technical documentation division

Department of Technological process support

Cristal manufacturing

Division of technological measurement

Division of Ion Beam Implantation

Division of vacuum deposition and plasma chemistry

Diffusion treatment and layer deposition section

Optical lithography and Process chemistry section


CTO Department

Supply divsion

Department of technological microclimate preparation and maintenance

Certification and quality control

Testing and certification department

Engineering setup

Tool set development and manufacturing