Medical equipment

Medical systems

As part of business dimension «Medical systems» start-up company of Zelenograd nanotechnology center NEOBIS LLC is implementing R&D on development of equipment and technology for electrostimulated cells cultivation on nanostructured surfaces for biology and medicine purposes.

Equipment and technology serves to control cells cultivation process on nanostructured conductive surfaces with electric field, which directly attached to the membranes of cultured cells. The system could be used for different types of adherent cells lines cultivation in a liquid culture medium. Conductive surfaces are made up of carbon nanotubes and gold pads. Results of project may be used in pharmaceutical industry to reduce the time of new vaccines development.

AFM of cell line of human embryo fibroblast, cultivated in NEOBIS Equipment

Potential customers:

1. Vaccine developers

2. Vaccine manufacturers

3. Research organizations, incl.:

- Cell biology and medicine

- Virology

- Bionanotecnologies

At this time of development Equipment and technology increases proliferation index up to 30% (it is planned to elevate this index up to 50% in prospect). Proliferation index characterizes time of cells growth and cell monolayer adsorption. Increasing of proliferation index accelerates the process of the biological mass growth.

At the present moment we work on the development of Equipment and technology.

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