Description of the features and the basic characteristics of detectors and sensors developed at JSC "ZNTC"

1. Multivariable number of sensors system of accounting and control of energy consumption based on MEMS sensors:

- Sensors of the gas and liquid

Article number: DN 03 00 00

Functionality and Technical Specifications:

Intelligent MEMS sensor gas flow at a pressure of up to 0.12 MPa to provide:

• measuring, recording on a smart card and wirelessly transmit the flow rate in the range of 0.05 ... 3 m/s;

measuring, recording and transmitting wireless smartcard mass flow rate in the range 0.04 ... 2.4 kg/h;

reduced error indicator of environment is not more than:
- 2.0% for the rate of gas flow;
- 2.0% for the mass flow rate.

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Counter flow gas meter

Liquid flow meter

- Pressure and temperature sensors

Item Number: K1894VG2T - specialized VLSI processing overhead sensors.

Application: measurement of temperature and pressure in the industry, aviation, utilities, etc.

Functionality and Technical Specifications:

Built-in 16-bit ADC and a preamplifier with coefficients 1,2,4,8,16,32 allow to make precise measurements.

Built-in adjustable voltage reference.

16-bit microprocessor performs the necessary digital signal processing.

Low power consumption (less than 250 uA / MHz) and low power consumption mode provides long battery life.

Operating temperature range -60 ... 125 ° C

Integrated development environment and debug software provides all the tools for rapid development of devices.

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The relative pressure sensor

Differential pressure sensor

- ccelerometer

Item Number: K1322PP1N4 - programmable capacitance-to-voltage converter

Application: for accelerometers and gyroscopes (grounded / ungrounded midpoint of the sensor).

The sensor is a functional analogue of XEMICS XE2004 (24 O).

Functionality and Technical Specifications:

Fine-tuning of digital input and compensation of parasitic capacitors on the board.

Adjust the scale factor and bias adjustment.

Built-in temperature sensor.

Development tools: software for recording user interface factors SPI.

- Encoders / Linear (Hall sensor)

Application: Measuring the speed / direction of rotation and the determination of the relative and absolute angular position of the shaft (engine). LSI also allows determining the linear movement of the object.

Functionality and Technical Specifications:

The maximum angular resolution of 0.09 degrees (12-bit)

The maximum measured speed - 13,636 rpm / min. (For a ring with 22 pole pairs)

Maximum linear - 20 m / s (at length pole a pair of 4 mm)

Output - an incremental quadrature code (similar to optical encoder) and SSI-interface

The range of the measured magnetic field 3-60 mT

The maximum frequency of the magnetic field strength of 10 kHz

Automatic compensation for DC

- Smoke detector

Item number: IPS101 - integrated circuit photoelectric smoke detector with integrated infrared LED driver

Applications: integrated solution for the mass of fire alarm systems.

Functionality and Technical Specifications:

14-pin package.

Supply voltage up to 32V.

Output LED current up to 500 mA.

Self power consumption of less than 40 mA.

Smoke detector IPS101

2. Automotive sensors based on nanoscale structures magnetoresistive

Scope of the sensors:

- Measurement of magnetic fields in the range of reach for the Hall sensors;

- Navigation, in particular the establishment of the electronic compass;

- Monitoring the movement of vehicles on the roads;

- Measurement of the electric current with complete electrical isolation of the measured and the measuring circuit;

- Non-contact measurement of linear and angular positions;

- Non-contact determination of linear and angular positions;

- Non-contact measurement of rotational speeds.

These problems have a place in almost all fields of technology, from medicine to military applications.


- Throttle position sensor contactless

Item Number: IN RAVTS.453629.002

Functionality and Technical Specifications:

angle of 0-180 ;

Power supply - 5;

Temperature drift ± 50 mV;

Current consumption of no more than 12 mA

Operating temperature range -45 ... +125 C

- RPM sensor for speedometers and other applications

Item Number: IN RAVTS.453624.001

Functionality and Technical Specifications:

working gap to 3 mm;

Speed 0 ... 5000 Hz;

Power supply in the 5-18

Operating temperature range -45 ... +125 C

- Sensor angular position of a shaft (probe phase)

Item Number: IN RAVTS.453629.001

Functionality and Technical Specifications:

the duration of the pulse of the standard timer 42 6 angular degrees

26 3 angular degrees

the angle of turn 21 3 angular degrees

13 1,5 angular degrees

working gap 0.1 ... 3 mm,

Power supply in the 5-18

Operating temperature range -45 ... +150 C

- Current Sensor

Item Number: IN RAVTS.453626.001

Application: func tional testing and the availability of light bulbs car.

Functionality and Technical Specifications:

sensor has a status output signal of 0 if there is no light in the circuit and signal 1 when available.

functioning of the lamps in the control is generating status outputs for certain values of the current in the lighting circuit, which depends on the magnitude of the supply voltage vehicle of electrical system (12 and 24).