About Zelenograd Nanotechnology Center

About us

Zelenograd Nanotechnology Center provides a full cycle of development and manufacture of microcircuits and sensors of physical quantities for industrial applications, provides a range of technological services for design centers, manufacturers of electronic equipment.

Our priority activity is to develop modern manufacturing technologies and high-tech products in cooperation with leading Russian scientific organizations and manufacturing enterprises.


  • Manufacture of microelectronics and microsystem equipment
  • ECB measurements and tests
  • Chip packaging and 3D assembly
  • Validation and certification of NWP
  • Manufacturing of electronic modules and small batches of radio electronic equipment on a turnkey basis
  • Rapid prototyping and additive 3D printing technologies (plastic, silicone)

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  • Domestic developer and manufacturer
  • Over 10 years in the electronics market
  • More than 200 completed projects
  • Ability to manufacture ASICs and custom circuits
  • Import substitution programs


ZNTC specializes in the development and manufacture of sensors for physical quantities for industrial automation systems, aviation and rocket and space instrumentation, energy and oil and gas industries, and the development of intelligent control systems.
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Oil and gas

To create the most popular microelectronic products for civil purposes, ZNTC relies on science-technology-business cooperation involving equipment manufacturers and industrial enterprises, and carries out interactions and end-to-end projects with main customers.

Microelectronics opens up new horizons for the development of new solutions for the digital economy and provides a wide range of services for the development and manufacturing of electronic components.

“The activity of ZNTC is focused primarily on the development of a modern element base of microelectronics for the radio-electronic industry. This sector is one of the strategically important high-tech sectors of the country's economy that ensures the development and manufacture of modern high-tech products, the level of which largely determines the economic, technological, informational independence of Russia”.
General Director of JSC “Zelenograd nanotechnology center"

Investment in innovation

Investment in innovation

ZNTC is a technological business accelerator and provides services for the development of start-ups and the commercialization of innovations. Our company is a technological platform where projects can develop and transit from the R&D stage to the market.

We not only provide financial support to start-ups, but also share our knowledge and manufacturing infrastructure for the successful and sustainable development of their ideas and products. You can learn more about our investment activities and how to become a startup here.

The introduction of the latest digital and intelligent technological solutions will simplify and automate many processes and improve the efficiency of strategically important industries.