Corporate management

The system of corporate management accepted by ZNTC is based on corporate standards, which were developed in accordance with current legislative regulations of Russian Federation, and is directed at ensuring shareholders’ rights and increasing effectiveness of center.

One of the principles of corporate management of ZNTC is permanent improvement and development of the system of corporate management.

The scheme of management and control authorities:


- Committee of directors

Committee of directors of ZNTC is leading and controlling centerís operations in within its competences and legal boundaries of Russian Federation.

- Stakeholdersí meeting

Stakeholdersí meeting is a superior body of ZNTCís management.

Competences of Stakeholdersí meeting are stated in Company Rules and in current legislation of Russian Federation.

- General Director

Sole executive (General Director) manages operation activity of the center.

- Auditing Committee

An Auditing Committee is elected by Stakeholdersí meeting of the center for control of financial and economic activity of the center.

- CorporatesecretaryoftheCenter

Corporate secretary is in charge of provision of observance of rules and procedures of corporate management, which guarantee rights and interests of shareholders, and organization of collaboration between center and its shareholders, by departments and employees of the center.