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Kids-winners of the Moscow Engineering Fest "Microelectronic MEMS Technologies"

05.04.2021 Kids-winners of the Moscow Engineering Fest "Microelectronic MEMS Technologies"
On March 18, Zelenograd Nanocenter organized an excursion for the winners of the Moscow Engineering Fest "Microelectronic MEMS Technologies". Kids who were trained in the technopark "SMART-PARK" on the basis of Moscow university of electronic technology. Students were told about the production manufacturing line and main technological processes of the MEMS production and held excursion around the engineering block of IC wafer fab, section of projection photolithography, diffusion, plasma-chemical etching, spraying and ion implantation. Children were awarded prizes from ZNTC and diplomas of winners in the competition for MEMS technology. The Zelenograd Nanocenter has been cooperating with the MIET Children's Technopark for several years on vocational guidance programs: "Practical classes and design activities on microelectronic technology for manufacturing MEMS - microelectromechanical systems" and "Practical classes on demonstrating the work of intelligent sensors." Practical lessons for schoolchildren on these programs using intelligent sensor systems of ZNTC JSC.
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