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New Crystal Manufacturing Opportunities - wafer fab upgrade

06.03.2021 New Crystal Manufacturing Opportunities - wafer fab upgrade To expand the technical and production capabilities of CMOS integrated circuits manufacturing, the Zelenograd Nano Technology Center (ZNTC) in 2021 began implementing a project to expand, modernization and equipped the current wafer fab and crystal production.

The main aims of the project are to organize a production line for processing silicon wafers with a diameter of 8 "(200 mm) with a design standard of 130 nanometers. The ongoing modernization of wafer fab will increase the accessibility of domestic enterprises and fabless design centers to more modern technologies for a wide class of products, including such popular applications as IoT, RF ID, NVM.

During the project implementation, it is planned to modernize the existing equipment and purchase new technological and instrumentation tools. There are also plans to master a promising technology of copper metallization, the so-called "dual damascene" process.

The Zelenograd Nano Technology Center has been specializing in the development and mass production of nano- and microelectronic products for more than 10 years. This work is also carried out considering the requests of external innovative companies engaged in the creation of new competitive products. In addition, ZNTC helps startups to grow by providing them with the opportunity to conduct research and experiments on high-tech equipment.

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