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New IC assembly line

18.08.2021 New IC assembly line The modernized production facility provides the ability to assemble 50,000 microcircuits per month and provides domestic enterprises with access to such relevant technologies as 3D integration of multichip modules, assembly of power and microwave electronics based on gallium nitride, and integrated photonics for communication systems. The 3D assembly technology gives opportunity to reduce the dimensions of microcircuits and improve technical characteristics of SiP.

We developing follow technologies: flip chip for assembly in BGA packages with contact pads under the crystal surface, installation of 10,000 or more contacts, WLP and 3D TSV hybrid microassembly 3DIC.

Zelenograd Nanocenter provides a complex for the production of turnkey electronic modules.

The nanocenter team helps small businesses, start-ups, student projects to optimize IC and electronic modules design, provides 3D modeling and prototyping of product cases is carried out, which allows you to reduce the cost of developing and technological solutions and quickly choose the best way for production. ZNTC provides funding for startups projects, also seek for partners and helps the market, said Anatoly Kovalev, CEO

We are open for cooperation and are ready to implement your ideas in our production! More detailed information can be obtained by sending a request by e-mail:

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