The set of process flows, realized at CJSC "ZNTC", allows creating closed loop technology and engineering services in the field of nanotechnology products and microsystem technology, precision instrumentation and its software, as well as radio electronic systems for various purposes.

One of the most important activities is to conduct research and prototyping, including: development and pilot production of chips and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) based on sensors of physical quantities, instruments.

Along with this, the most new and promising area of CJSC "ZNTC" activity is the research and development in the field of astronomy and geodesy on basis of convergent technologies, including: the development of radio-astronomical equipment and radiointerferometry systems with very long base (VLBI), as well as testing and processing data of technical facilities of observatories.

The main fields of specialization of CJSC "ZNTC" include:

VLSI Technology "system on chip";

sensors of physical, biological and chemical variables;

intelligent electronic energy-saving systems, devices and equipment;

intelligent navigation and control systems for transport, aviation, special use;

radio telescopes receivers as well as for telescopes with large antennas;

technical tools for analysis of space radio emissions;

equipment for testing observatories;

multi-channel signal systems for radiointerferometry with extra-long bases;

correlators for the primary processing of radiointerferometric data and other types of experiments;

medical systems and diagnostic systems based on sensors.

CJSC "Zelenograd Nanotechnology Center" has a significant R & D and innovation premises, and team of highly skilled professionals implementing projects. Currently the revenue for R&D projects amounts 150 million rubles.

CJSC "Zelenograd Nanotechnology Center" has practical experience in the implementation of projects based on the following technology platforms:

Design and pilot production VLBI equipment and tools for testing observatories.

Design and pilot production of VLSI and SoC.

NEMS converters based on anisotropic magnetoresistance and giant magnetoresistance effect. Main applications: Non-volatile memory, micro generators gigahertz range, measurement of DC and AC magnetic field, biochips.

NEMS Thin-film transducers. Main applications: sensors for pressure and vibration.

NEMS thermo resistance converters. Main applications: sensors for flow meters liquid and gas analyzers and the mixture of them.

CMOS chip, integrated with intelligent sensors. The main applications are: Primary processing and digitization of the signal.

NEMS and MEMS gyroscopes. Main applications: accelerometers, and the navigation system.

Matrix of micro mirrors.

Multifunctional nanoprobes console.

Laser sensors for automotive electronics systems.

Currently ZNTC and "Gazdevice" the leading manufacturer in CIS countries, are developing gas meters and prepare production of gas flow meters with a projected market of over 500 000 units per year.

- Vehicle sensors based on nanoscale magnetoresistive structures. Main applications of sensors in the automotive industry:

Throttle position sensor,

Pedal sensor gas

Acceleration sensor

ABS sensors, wheel speed, suspension


Steering angle sensors, etc.

It should be noted that the magnetoresistive structures have a wide range of applications, including robotics, navigation, control machines and instruments, and many others.

In addition, JSC "ZNTC" implements the following directions of development:

- Micro-optics, micro mirrors, optical integrated circuits (application: optical micro-and nano).

- Autonomous miniature energy sources; micro turbines, micro energy recovery (application: micro-and nano-energy).

- Navigation chip (application: gyroscope, micro accelerometers).

- Single-chip pressure sensors, force, multi sensors, intellectual sensors, sensors with feedback (use: Touch Micro and Nanosystems).

- Micromechanisms; micro switchboard, micro actuators, micro motors (application: microelectromechanical systems and machines).

Key competitive advantages: a highly skilled team of developers, the ability to implement small-scale production of special orders on modern equipment, flexible pricing, fast timing of orders from design to production of a prototype (including R&D), and launch a series of installation parties (in small amounts of general nomenclature).

Our company is open for participation in research and development activities on core areas, we are glad to have you as our customers and partners for research and development.