Medical equipment


The assembly production of ZNTC specialized in assembling of chips and sensors into housings, measures electrical and functional parameters of finished products.

The production is equipped with a set of the latest equipment from the world's leading manufacturers. The most critical operations of the technological process are performed by high-precision automatic equipment.

The production is in a clean production rooms of class "10000" with turbulent ventilation. The main supply of process gases, vacuum, pneumatic air, deionized water and others utilities was organized.


        Assembly of microcircuits chips in cermet cases, including LLC, BGA cases

        Assembly of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and sensors in cermet packages.

        Unpackaged assembly of chips, microelectromechanical systems and sensors

        Development of assembly technologies and piece by piece production of specific products

Specific products production:

    • systems in package (SiP), multichip modules,
    • Flip-chip,
    • 3D IC assembly,
    • embedded mounting of components (IC and MEMS).