Testing and control

The testing center is formed to measure electrical and functional parameters of finished products, as well as some microcircuits types testing.

The test center is equipped with a set of the modern tolls from the world's leading manufacturers. The most critical operations of the technological process are performed by high-precision automatic equipment.

The center is located in production facilities of "100000" (ISO 8) and "10000" (ISO 7) class.

Technological capabilities:

Carrying out qualification, periodic tests.

Development of programs, carrying out additional screening tests of ICs with improved reliability characteristics.

Functional control and testing.

Failures Analysis. Physical destructive analysis. Assessment of the design reliability.

Analysis of constructive and technological solutions of modern VLSI, restoration of functioning algorithms.

Key types of testing and control

tightness control by mass spectrometric method;

test for the impact of sinusoidal vibration with increased amplitude of acceleration;

tests for vibration stability and vibration resistance;

test for the effect of linear acceleration;

tests of the crystal attachment strength for shear;

tests for the effect of high temperature;

tests for the effect of low temperature;

tests for the effect of changes in the temperature;

tests for the effects of frost and dew;

tests to determine the dew point;

tests for exposure to high air humidity;

control of water vapor content inside the microcircuit case;

X-ray control;

physical and technical test methods;

visual control;

control of electrical parameters and functional control;

control of the switching time of microcircuits;

short-term and long-term tests for reliability and storage;

thermal cycling.