The team of engineers

The team of engineers

The team of engineers of JSC "ZNTC" includes leading specialists in the field of microsystems technology, nanoelectromechanical systems, and micro-electromechanical systems, topology, and chip design, CMOS technology.


Key members:

Timoshenkov Sergey P. He was born in 1957. He began his career in 1974, graduated from the Institute of Electronic Technology in 1981, he worked in the distribution NIIME, and then was drafted into the army. In MIET works with 1984 years of experiences in MIET and he defended his doctoral dissertation.

During these years he was Dean of Physics and Chemistry Department, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of ETMO, currently the chair of "Microelectronics".

Over the last 5 years as director and chief designer of the 18 R & D and 3 OCD. The main directions of his research activities are - design and development of micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), the development of design and technological principles of a micro-mechanical devices, the development of design and technological principles of the MEA and computer-integrated production technology from modern components, including the creation of multi-chip micromodules and the development and research processes of structure formation "silicon-on-insulator", the development and study of contactless identification and the study of the processes of plasma formation and processing, development of methods for the calculation and optimization of the design and technological parameters of processing systems in high-density plasma generated in the magnetic and electric fields of different frequency range, the development of scientific methods and the optimization of the process vapor deposition layers in semiconductor processing, modeling of chemical vapor deposition of layers of inorganic materials.

Actively and continuously engaged in research and teaching activities at a high level lectures to students of all departments in the disciplines "Microsystems", "Microelectromechanical Systems", "Physico-chemical basis structure of silicon-on-insulator", "Sensors".

Is actively involved in leading the CTF "Microsystems and technology of electronic devices," REC "Microsystems" NIL "Nano-and microelectromechanical systems," UC «Mentor Graphics - MIET."

Author of over 150 scientific papers (including 16 textbooks and 14 patents). Member of the educational and methodical council of Association of Russian Universities. Under his leadership, one doctor and three candidate thesis were defended. A member of the editorial boards of three journals. Winner of the Award of the Government of the Russian Federation in 2007.

CJSC "ZNTC" has served as head of "Intelligent navigation and control systems for transport, aviation and space technology, special use, created on the basis of a number of parametric nano-, micro."

Stakhin Benjamin G., head of the design center of systems-on-chip. PhD. Born in 1958, in 1981 he graduated from the Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology, specialty "Electronics and Automation."

Stakhin managed and participated in more than 30 projects (microprocessor kits, analog VLSI, multi-module (MCM), telecommunications equipment), working successfully with fabless projects. Actively involved in the restructuring of the control system of the plant "Micron" development plan for "NIIME and plant Micron" in collaboration with the company McKinsey & Company. After implementation, the sales development projects increased by 300% in 3 years. Has a good reputation in the business and a good relationship with the main Russian customers, manufacturers of electronic equipment, design centers, state agencies, etc.

CJSC "ZNT" has served as head of "Design Center" Design of VLSI technology system on a chip"

Dyuzhev Nikolay A. - Head of research and development of products H and MST in ZAO "ZNT" deputy. General Director of PSC "MCT and the ECB" MIET. Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics. Born in 1951, in 1975 he graduated from the Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology, specialty - automation and electronics. From 1975 to 2009 he worked in the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Scientific-Research Institute of Physical Problems. FV Lukin "on positions from engineer to chief of "Development of silicon technology products of nano-and micromechanics" and chief in technology institute. Graduate studies and in 1985 he defended his thesis at the Moscow Physical-Technical Institute, which was developed the design and technology field-emission diodes and transistors (first in the world), which can operate in extreme temperatures and radiation at atmospheric pressures of gases. Engaged in research, development and production of field emission devices, sensors, and other products of nano-and microsystems technology. Under his leadership, made dozens of research and development works. He is the author of over 80 articles, reports, and patents. Cantilevers for scanning probe microscopes and gas