Assembly manufacturing

Assembly manufacturing

ZNTС provides a range of services for packaging integrated circuits and electronic modules on a contract basis from the development of specifications to testing and full-scale production.
300 mm

± 3 μm
welding accuracy

60 х 60 μm
contact pads

> 1500 pcs
number of pins

12 microns
diameter of the wire

up to 0.5 μm
ICs mounting precision

0,5 - 25 mm
ICs sizes

up to 200,000 pcs
number of ICs per month

Development of packaging technologies

Development of packaging technologies

While preparing to package non-standard products, we simulated problematic technological operations to select suitable design and technological solutions and modes.Then we assemble test samples, on which research and development of assembly technologies are carried out for the optimal method of installing, uncoiling, soldering and sealing ICs.


  • Assembly of ICs into metal-ceramic, plastic and metal-glass packing.
  • Unpackaged assembly of ICs and sensors.
  • 3D flip-chip and 3D TSV assembly.
  • Solving unique problems and developing assembly technologies.
  • Manufacturing of products from 20 to 200 000 items, including prototypes.
  • Turnkey product assembly and testing (OSAT)


ZNTC offers services on a contract basis for packaging ICs in metal-glass, cermet and plastic packages.

up to 200 pins

QFN, DIP, PLCC and others

up to 500 pins

BGA, PGA, PLCC and others

up to 1500 pins and more



With the use of high-tech modern equipment, specialized tools and qualified personnel, ZNTC assembly plant provides packaging and assembly services according to the following technologies:

  • Flip-chip
    Inverted chip mount technology. The pins on the contact pads can be formed in various ways and consist of different materials, such as solder alloy, gold, or copper.
  • Flip-chip C2
    High-density chip mounting technology using microbumps made of copper pillars and solder less than 60 microns in size. C2 technology provides functional advantages over C4 in terms of heat and electrical conductivity.
  • Flip-chip C4
    The technology of mounting crystals by the method of self-leveling solder using solder ball pins up to 40-60 microns in size.
  • Wire bond
    Technology for mounting multichip modules using 3D bonding and stud-bump and bonding power transistors with thick wire and ribbon finger.
  • Chip-on-Board (CoB)
    The technology of mounting chipless ICs on a substrate. Fiberglass, a composite based on bismaleimide-triazine, polyimide, liquid crystal polymer, polytetrafluoroethylene and others are used as the substrate material.
  • PoP
    A technology for the implementation of three-dimensional assemblies, which allows to significantly increase the level of integration of electronic devices due to vertical switching of several functional levels using plated through holes in the compound or solder pins.
  • FO WLP
    Fan-out wafer-level package is an actively developing technology of group packaging of crystals, which is used both for creating packages with one crystal of any shape and size, and for forming 2.5D and 3D multichip assemblies.
  • TSV
    A technology for the formation of metalized through-silicon via, which makes it possible to carry out interconnections of a high degree of integration at the level of wafers or ICs mounted in a three-dimensional assembly.
We are constantly developing and improving modern packaging technologies, which allows us to create electronic components with high functional complexity, increased speed capability and reliability.
Vitaly Sidorenko
Head of the Assembly plant at ZNTC


The plant is equipped with the latest and unique specialized equipment of the world's leading manufacturers, automation and control means for a wide range of works

  • Vector1.png
    Miniaturization of products
    with increased functional complexity
  • Vector2.png
    Research and analysis
    of materials,  structures, technological processes

    ( cooperation with the university)
  • Vector3.png
    Technological verification of projects
    on the quality and marketability
  • Group1.png
    Performing individual non-standard  operations
    not included in the main routes
  • Group2.png
    Solving unique problems and developing assembly technologies
    of ICs packaging
  • launch 6.png
    Setting up the manufacturing of products on a turnkey basis

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