Contract assembly of electronic modules

Contract assembly of electronic modules

ZNTC provides highly qualified services for the contract manufacturing of electronic modules, assembly and installation of electronics on a turnkey basis at the customer’s request. At the same time, we carry out work both on the individual development of electronic modules "from scratch" and on the completion of final products, and if necessary reverse engineering.
  • installation from 1 day
    extra urgent work
  • manufacturing from 1 item
    manufacturing of prototypes and small batches
  • turnkey work
    full manufacturing cycle
Convenient work format

Convenient work format

"One window" work principle and personal manager support will allow you to significantly reduce the manufacturing time and quickly bring the product to the market.


Mounting of electronic equipment

  • PCB tracing
  • SMD and THT technologies
  • Mounting ICs on PCB already containing other elements
  • BGA packages
  • Reballing BGA packages

  • Lead-free component mounting (RoHS)
  • Making harnesses with connectors for boards connecting
  • Installing connectors and wiring cables to the board
  • Development of a methodology for product testing
  • Climatic tests of electronic equipment

Turnkey manufacturing

  • Development of design and technical documentation and circuitry solutions
  • Optimization of design solutions for the customer's package
  • Ability of miniaturization of products due to micro-assembly technologies (PoP, SiP)
  • 3D modeling and prototyping of packages
  • Machining and manufacturing of metal packages with various coatings
  • Software development
  • Preparation for mass production
  • Mass production of electronic modules
  • Laser marking

  • Advantages

  • Mounting of up to 5000 planar components per hour

  • Warranty period for soldering and mounting is 60 days

  • Extra-urgent performance of work (mounting from 1 day)

  • Manufacturing of prototypes and small batches (from 1 piece)

  • Miniaturization of products due to micro-assembly technologies (PoP, SiP)

  • Automated assembly of large batches

  • Selection and purchase of components

  • Selection of analogues

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