“Nanocrystal” LLC

CEO Maxim V. Silibin

About company

«Nanocrystal» company was established by engineers of MIET chair “Material engineering and physical chemistry” with the participation of Zelenograd nanotechnology center in accordance with the 217th Federal Law of RF (MIET grants license agreement on key technology and invention).

Activity categories

Research-and-development activities


2.jpgDevelopment of solar cell with high efficiency and thermal stability on the base of Schottky barrier

Product overview

  Value proposition of proposed solar cell is energy saving, comfort installation and environmental conservation due to light penetrability of proposed solar cells.

  Estimated market demand for proposed solar cells is over 500 Mwatt.

  In 5 years the company is able to capture 2% of market share and produce 10 Mwatt of solar cells (more than 40 million rubles).

Product fields of application

  • Clothes with integrated solar elements
  • Autonomous energy transducers
  • Semitransparent solar surfaces