“Nanoelectronic systems” LLC

CEO Alexey V. Leontiev

About company

Nanoelectronic systems was established by development team of chair «MPSE» (materials and proceses of solid-state electronics) MIET with the participation of Zelenograd nanotechnology center.

Activity categories

Creation of nanoelectronic systems for vibro- and acoustic diagnosis, as well as for recharging low capacity of mobile devices on the base of piezoelectric generators.


3.jpg Non-volatile system of railroad control on the base of piezoelectric generator

Product overview

New approach in the field of rails defectoscopy as a stationary system of sensors, integrated in railroad:
Non-volatile sensors “listen” to the sound of forthcoming train and alert about rail breaks.
Sensors are recharging by the forthcoming train, which is pressing on rails with built-in piezoelectric generators.

Product fields of application

  • Electronic devices (tablet PCs)
  • Alternative sources of energy
  • Electronic noise insulation
  • Supersensitive audio- and vibro diagnosis