CEO Andrey V. Isupov

About company

«SPE IIS» LLC (Scientific Production Enterprise Intelligent Information Systems) was established in 2011 by a team of racy young men and Zelenograd nanotechnology center.

Activity categories

  • Electronics development.
  • Development of unattached devices for rapid prototyping (3-D printers).
  • 3-D model manufacturing service.


.jpgUnattached device for rapid 3-D prototyping.

Product overview

Principal products will be:

1) Set for assembly of Unattached device for rapid prototyping.

2) Assembled Unattached device for rapid prototyping

For another thing it is planned to organize a plastic wire production with the usage of special nanotube additions for Unattached device for rapid prototyping together with NanoTechnology and Innovations JSC.

Print technology used in Unattached device for rapid prototyping is based on molten plastic wire extrusion. This makes possible to get end products layer by layer per loading 3-D model.

Product fields of application

  • Manufacturing from the common things to everything you can imagine.
  • Development of different experimental model per its 3-D models.
  • Manufacturing of vivid prototypes and devices.