Investment fund

Investment fund

Since 2011 we have regularly created businesses aiming at the development and manufacture of new technological products. These companies are changing old markets and opening up new industries.
  • 120
    workplaces created
  • 40
    companies invested
  • 78
    million rubles invested
Our mission

Our mission

We professionally select new ideas that can change the world for the better, quickly transform them into advanced products and implement them into technological processes.
Services provided

Services provided

  • Fundraising for projects
  • Assistance in finding industrial partners
  • Legal and accounting support
  • Nanotechnological expertise of projects
  • Search and development of technologies
  • Market analysis
  • Creation of teams to implement projects

Main directions

Research, design and manufacture of integrated circuits (ICs) and electronics. The main task of microelectronics is to create microminiature equipment with high reliability and producibility, low power consumption and high functional complexity.
Manufacture and usage of materials, devices and technical systems, which functioning is determined by the nanostructure - its ordered fragments ranging from 1 to 100 nanometers in size.
Biomedical diagnostic and therapeutic devices with integrated microelectronic and micromechanical components using microfluidics and molecular recognition technologies.
Energy saving
Group 113.png
Energy efficient technologies are aimed at the rational conservation and usage of energy resources. The goal is to minimize energy consumption while maintaining the same level of energy supply.
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We create

  • Technology companies
    We regularly create technology businesses because of the developed laboratory and production infrastructure of our nanotechnology center
  • Workplaces
    Our projects create dozens of workplaces for entrepreneurs and engineers. We are always looking for active and motivated people who want to become technology entrepreneurs.
  • Investment environment
    Our top tech businesses are open to investment. We give opportunities for venture investment and guarantee quality and transparency of our companies.
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